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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Saveurs D'ailleurs♥Thai Restaurant

As I told you guys on my last blogpost, we went to eat Thai food with my parents-in-law last Thursday. This restaurant is mainly for take-away service because there are only 3 big tables. Honestly, if it's weren't for my husband booking this restaurant, we would never walk in and try it because it's really looks like a fast food, take away style place more than a restaurant. But my husband searched online and saw that they have really good reviews, hence we gave it a try. 

Monday, 22 May 2017

My Favourite Top♥

White Lace Bell Sleeves Top (here!) | Pink Skirt (here!) | White Slip-On Sneakers (Similar here!) | Chanel Earrings (Similar here!) | Necklace (here!) | Chanel Medium Boy Bag (Similar here!) | *Bag Charm (here!)
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Don't know where to start. I feel like I have many things I need to tell you guys in this blogpost. First of all, I wore this outfit on Thursday and went to eat dinner with my parents-in-law in a Thai restaurant. I will show you what we ate in the next blogpost. Then at night, my husband's Macbook suddenly got frozen and didn't work. On my side, I was editing my video for Saturday and I couldn't finish it as it was already late that night. Therefore, I planned to edit it on next day, that is, Friday. However, when I almost finished editing and exporting it, my Macbook shut down by itself like it sometimes happens, and when I turned it back on, I couldn't see my project in iMovie!!! It just disappeared!!!=.="


Friday, 19 May 2017

Sky Blue♥

Combined Strappy Dress (here!) | White Crop Top (here!) | White Slip-On Sneakers (Similar here!) | Michael Kors Watch (here!) | Hermes Bracelet (Similar here!) | Chanel Pearl Earrings (Similar here!) | Chanel Pearl Necklace (Similar here!) | Chanel Wallet-On-Chain (Similar here!) | Lipstick #31 (here!)

I wore this outfit on Wednesday to watch my husband playing football and I didn't really have time to write a blogpost as we came back home around 8 p.m, then I needed to cook the dinner. After the dinner, it was almost 10 p.m, I was so tired and sleepy but I couldn't sleep immediately after eating, so I had to wait a bit, then took a shower and sleep. We arrived at the football pitch at 17:35 and there was no place to sit, so Tiki and I were like walking and standing for more than 2 hours. I couldn't stand anymore and it was getting cold, so I went back to the car to take a big scarf and rested about 15 mins in the car, then walked back to the pitch, and they almost finished when I arrived. Anyway, it was a long day for us. By the way, I felt like I'm a secondary school student when I was wearing this dress from Zara. The white crop top is separate and also from Zara. 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Pearl Elements♥

Pearl Buttons Tweed Jacket (here!) | White Lace Bell Sleeve Top (here!) | Black pants (Similar here!) | Black Shoes with Pearls (here!) | Chanel Pearl Earrings (Similar here!) | Chanel Necklace (Similar here!) | Ladydior Bag (here!) | Prada Bear Bag Charm (Similar here!) | Lipstick #31 (here!)

I wore my favourite inspired Chanel Tweed Jacket from Zara yesterday. You may have already seen the other pieces of this outfit paired with other clothes. Just trying to mix and match them to create a new outfit as I can't keep buying new clothing. We went to supermarket to buy food for which I normally don't dress up like this but it was a good chance to take some outfit photos when going out, so I just seized the opportunity. I wish I can wear like this to work in the office rather than being a housewife. After my husband came back from work, we went to the sport centre if you watched my IG's stories. It was really nice weather with sun. My husband likes running and I didn't run as I don't like to, so I just walked around with Tiki. Then we came back home and I cooked the dinner like usual. This is our simple life.

Monday, 15 May 2017

What did I do on Saturday?

As I said I have not much to blog these days, I may write what I did this Saturday, so here we are! We went to the city to return my Zara clothing for which I mentioned the reasons on my video(here!). And I saw many nice clothes in Zara store but I didn't shop as my husband was here waiting for me. After returning the clothes, we went to another men clothing store to buy his pants. Around 15 mins of trying, he got his pants. Actually, we didn't do much, and we were hungry as we didn't eat lunch until 4p.m. Then, we went to Globus - a kind of pricy supermarket to get our lunch. Because I wanted something hot rather than a cold sandwich, I chose a shrimp and chicken with rice. After paying, the staff helped us to heat it up and I also got an egg tart for dessert but it's way too sweet for me and after one bite, I gave it to my husband! XD We shared the lunch box together in the car as we didn't want to eat too much since it was dinner time soon. Then, we drove to my parents-in-law home and stayed there during the weekend like usual. Oh! We saw a super cute bears sofa on the way to the parking but it was in the expensive furniture store, so we guessed it must be very expensive and didn't go in and check the price. If it costs under CHF 500, I will get it but seems it's impossible!
Photos of that day 
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