Monday, 17 November 2014

Day 7 Road Trip: The World's oldest zoo in Vienna♥ 維也納動物園7

My husband and I love animals so much! We have a toy poodle as you already know and a mini lop called Mocha=) Everytime when we go to other countries, if there is a zoo, we 95% will go there to visit. But I definitely don't support to watch circus, those animals are so poor because of the terrible training. Anyway, hope you enjoy this vlog and give a thumb up if you like!  Next vlog is in Ljubljana, Stay tuned if you are interested! 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Shopping Haul in Vienna♥(Chanel, Dior, Mango, H&M…)

Hello everyone, long time no blog & video! Sorry, I'm a bit lazy and busy on my new apartment. And I took a lot of time to edit one video. I wish I can edit faster. Anyway, I will try my best to upload more videos as I can, and my apartment is almost finish, still waiting for the bed, sofa,wardrobe... I hope I can share with you my apartment soon=) Don't forget to subscribe my channel for more videos! Thank you!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Day 6 Road Trip: OOTD+Dior+Indian food in Vienna♥ 維也納城市6

Hope you enjoyed this vlog, and give this vlog a thumb up if you do=) Thank you! New videos every Wednesday & Sunday!

Monday, 20 October 2014

August & September Favourites♥(My daily makeup products)

1. Sephora moisturizing beautifying water
2. Chanel natural finish loose powder
3. Chanel perfection lumière velvet
4. Chanel blonzer
5. Dior eyeshadow
6. Revlon matte powder blush
7. Etude House mascara
8. Heavy Rotation volume lip essence
9. YSL lipstick no.13

Friday, 17 October 2014

A little treat for myself♥ Chanel

I love Chanel♥ A little treat for myself to celebrate I finally have my own place! And these earrings are like a memento for this special moment! (Well...I always can find a excuse to buy myself something=.=) By the way, Chanel also changes the packaging for the accessories! Love it! But the price increases 16%, luckily I got these as a previous price!=D

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Day4+5 Road Trip: Foods & OOTN in Vienna♥ 維也納城市4+5

Here is the photos and vlog of Day 4 & 5! Hope you will like it, don't forget to subscribe for more videos=) Next video on Sunday is August & September favourites! I know already mid Oct, it is a bit late to upload! But I was quite busy on travelling, moving out and friend visiting, I had no time to edit this video! Sorry! I hope you're still interested to watch it, I spent a lot of time to edit it. Thank you=)