Sunday, 2 August 2015

HONG KONG STYLE: Baked Tomatoes Pork Chops with Rice 蕃茄焗豬扒飯

Ingredients: (4 people)
Rice x 2-3 cups
Pork Chops x 4
Tomatoes x 4
Yellow Pepper x1
Onions x 3
Mushrooms x 8
Garlic x 5-8pieces
Eggs x 2
Beans & Carrots x 1 can
Tomato soup/ sauce x 1 can
Ketchup x 4 tablespoon
Basil leaves & Parsley
Pizza Cheese x 1 pack
Black Pepper

Pork Marinade:(15mins)
Salt x half teaspoon
Sugar x half teaspoon
Soy Sauce x 1 tablespoon
Dark Soy Sauce x half tablespoon
Corn Powder x 2 teaspoons
Oil x 1 teaspoon
Cook the rice first! Fried the rice with egg, separate 3 times to fried. Place the rice into the metal containers.
Wash the pork chops, message and hit the meats & marinade 15mins.
Add the oil and fried the chopped garlic about 1min, put back to the small bowl, reserved.
Add some corn powder/ flour on the dish, cover all the pork chop's surfaces.
Add the pork chops on the pan and fried until half done & add the fried garlic. Place the meat on the rice in the metal container.
Wash the vegetables and chopped to small pieces, add to the pan and fried.
Add Tomato soup.
Add the Ketchup (about 4 tablespoons)
Add Salt & Sugar, Mix well.
Put the vegetable mixture into the metal container.
Wash & Cut the Basil & Parsley, add on the vegetable mixture. Add black pepper.
Add pizza cheese, put the metal container in the pre-heated oven, 250°C 20mins.
It's really super yummy!!! I feel surprise how it taste so close to the restaurant one!=D
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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Angel Easy Cook: Black Pepper Chicken Spaghetti♥

Chicken x 1 piece
Can of mushrooms x1/ Fresh mushrooms x 5-8 
Onions x 3-6
Chicken stock cube x 1
Black pepper x 1 table spoon
Corn powder x half table spoon
Soy Sauce x 2 table spoons
Dark soy sauce x 1 table spoon
Put some butter on the heated pan, add the cropped onions into the pan and fried around 3mins.
Open the can of mushroom, take out the juice from the can, add the mushrooms to the pan.
Boiled the water and add the spaghetti, cook until soft, use cold water cool down.
Add the chicken stock cube, dark soy sauce, soy sauce.
Add the corn powder into the cold water, and put into the pan. Add a glass of water in.
Add the cropped chicken and cover it.
Add the black pepper and mix well.
Wait around 5 mins until the chicken cooked.
It's done! =)
Hope you will like it, let me know if you try to cook this! E-mail me at Tag me on Instagram #angeleasycook @angelbirdbb/ Facebook message me: