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Sunday, 19 February 2017


Black Long Coat (here!) | White Jumper (Similar here!) | Black Jeans (here!) | White Sneakers (Similar here!) | Chanel Earrings (Similar here!) | Chanel Necklace (Similar here!) | Ladydior Bag (here!) | Prada Bear (Similar here!) | Sweet Heart Pom Pom Bag Charm (here!) 15% off discount code: ANGEL15OFF
Yeah! Getting warm in Switzerland now, I love the weather when it is neither too cold neither too hot and I love sunny days. Let me wear one of my favourite outfit on this perfect weather condition day. This outfit is so simple and comfy. The black long coat makes me look slimmer and taller, and make a casual outfit a bit classic. The white slip-on sneakers are the best! They are just so comfortable and convenient to wear and take off. However, the highlight of this outfit is the pink heart pom pom bag charm. This bag charm looks so nice on my ladydior bag! Makes me want to use the bag even more. I feel like I have a new handbag now! XD Get one with the 15% off discount before it is sold out!
♥Sweet Heart Pom Pom Bag Charm (here!) 15% off discount code: ANGEL15OFF♥

Friday, 17 February 2017

My Valentine's Day Outfit & Makeup♥

Black Off-The-Shoulder Dress (Normal | Taller) | Pink Valentino Flats (here!)- UNBOXING BLOGPOST
Hi loves, I'm writing this post because some of you asked me where is this dress from and want me to link it for you. So I decided to make this post in the hope I can answer your question!=) And Thank you so much for all of your nice compliments. This dress is really magic, it can make my body look so slim but I actually gained 6 kg and have a big waist and stomach right now. You can't see it when I'm wearing this dress! XD
There are 2 versions of this dress, one is for normal height, one is for taller height. I chose the taller version, I'm around 173cm height, if you're shorter than me, I suggest you to get the normal one because I do feel it is a bit long for me. I guess the taller version should suit to girls over 180cm. In addition, I discovered the normal version is on sale!! Quickly get one before it is sold out!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Hey loves, I guess you had a great time with your valentine yesterday! What did you do with your loved one? For me, I just simply had a dinner with my husband at home but that's enough. I dressed up even though we were eating at home! =D After dinner, we watched TV together for a short period. I planned to watch a movie together but I needed to finish my things like writing the blog and editing the video which are scheduled. And my husband wanted to watch the football match. Actually, it's just like our daily usual life! XD And yes, this blogpost is about what did I receive for my Valentine's Day, I just want to share my happiness with you guys. Again, gifts are just a substance, they are not necessary! And I can order this item whenever I want, but I just like to get something on a special day or festival to make the item more meaningful and memorable. I did mention this on my unboxing video on my Youtube channel. If you're interested, welcome to watch it!(click here!) And let's see what I got for my Valentine's Day!


Saturday, 11 February 2017


Hey loves! I'm so excited to try my new over-the-knee boots, especially because I got them almost 60% off!!! They are from Opening Ceremony but I ordered them on (click here for the boots) I have one over-the-knee boots from Hong Kong but they are not leather and poor quality and they only cost HKD 100, around USD 12!(if you're interested how it looks) I fell in love with the look of over-knee boots, I think they are really good for winter or even autumn. So I wanted to get better quality ones, and then I found Suart Weitzman over-the-knee boots, they are really popular and the cutting is really nice and fits the legs perfectly, even making them look slimmer. However, they are too pricy for me. I'm the type of person willing to spend money on designer handbags but not on clothing and shoes. So I just gave up on those boots and tried to look for something similar and cheaper. And I found these boots on sale on, I think they are expensive at their original price of CHF 629, but since they are 40% off (and cost CHF 377), and even extra 20% off at checkout! Finally, I ended up paying CHF 301.6 for a pair of over-the-knee leather boots!!! I'm so happy of getting them. Before receiving them, I compared their pictures with SW boots and felt that the cutting is not as good as SW boots as I expected but when I tried them on, I think that they actually look good on me and slimmer my legs!! I think they are worth their price. They are suede leather, and the style and height of the heels are exactly what I want. I'm totally in love with my new boots♥
P.S I filmed the unboxing video and it will be uploaded as soon as possible on my YouTube channel.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Raining Day☔

Seriously, I don't like raining days!!! Especially when I need to go outside!!! XD My mood is affected by the weather, raining make me feel bad, tired and sleepy! I prefer staying at home when it's raining because if I go out I need to carry Tiki, my bag and an umbrella at the same time but I only have 2 hands! XD 
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