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Friday, 24 March 2017


Dreamy Tricolor Bag Charm (here!) | Sweet Heart Pom Pom Bag Charm (here!)
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I received one comment asking to see my two boys together, so here they are. They both are old medium size. I will mention some information about them such as where I got them, their prices, etc. If you are interested, keep reading!=)

Thursday, 23 March 2017


Denim Shirt (Similar here!) | White Top (Similar here!) | Black Jeans (here!) | White Slip-on Sneakers (Similar here!) | Alexander McQueen Scarf (here!) | Chanel Boy Bag (Similar here!) | Chanel Earrings (Similar here!) | Necklace (here!) | Michael Kors Watch (here!) | Hermes Bracelet (Similar here!) | Pandora Bracelet (here!) | Sweet Heart Pom Pom Bag Charm (here!)
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A denim shirt always works as an outfit,  it really never gets out of style. I got this denim shirt in TopShop when I travelled in London in 2012. It is already 5 years ago!XD I'm still wearing it. Cool! Because of my pink Chanel boy bag, I feel like I need to wear some girly element in this outfit, so I chose the white top with crystals on the neck area and a floral necklace to balance the neutral denim look. In my next blogpost, that is tomorrow, you will see my two boy bags together and some information about them. See you tomorrow!
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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Pink Coat & Red Bag♥

Pink Coat (Similar here!) | White Sweater (Similar here!) | Black Jeans (here!) | White Slip-on Sneakers (Similar here!) | Chanel Necklace (Similar here!) | Chanel Earrings (Similar here!) | Chanel Boy Bag (Similar here!) | Dreamy Tricolor Bag Charm (here!)
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This week, there will be a new blogpost everyday!XD I like to take outfit pictures and write blogposts now! I like this way to talk to you guys by typing little bit everyday. But don't expect me wearing some fancy clothing like the ones in fashion shows but rather everyday's clothing . Furthermore,  don't expect me posing like a model and my husband is not a professional photographer. Actually, we just use my iPhone 6s plus to take all pictures lol. I hope you will find some inspiration from me and I like to read other people's blogs too, feel free to let your blog links in the comment section, I would like to check out some new blogs.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


White Sweater (Similar here!) | Pink Midi Skirt (Similar here!) | White Slip-on Sneakers (Similar here!) | Chanel Necklace (Similar here!) | Chanel Earrings (Similar here!) | Chanel Boy Bag (Similar here!) | Sweet Heart Pom Pom Charm (here!
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If you read my previous blogposts, you know I got this new baby on my birthday as a gift. I'm enjoying it but I do take care a little bit when I use it because it's lambskin and dark pink color. So I just tried to wear some light color outfit when I used this bag for the first time, although I think wearing black would be nice with this bag. But believe me, I will not that care after using it few times because now it's still too new for me to make any damage or color transfer on it. I know it will be one day, sad!=(  But I will try my best to keep it nice and keep enjoying it. 

Monday, 20 March 2017


Hey loves, we went to a Japanese restaurant on Saturday night for dinner with my parents-in-law. It is called ONIWA, which could literally be translated as "let's go" in French. This was our second time to eat there. The food is good and nicely presented. I took the menu 2 which costs CHF 55 and includes a miso soup, sashimi starter, a plate of sushis and a dessert. It was more than enough for me and I actually shared it with my husband. There are many other choices or set menus. I also took a hot green tea for drink, it has been a long time that I didn't drink green tea, I miss it so much! My husband took something else which you can see from the pictures below. So the average cost per person is around CHF 60 which is quite pricy but I think is worth the price as here the sushi box in the supermarket costs around CHF 30=.= and they are not fresh at all. Nice to eat something different than usual.♥

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Plaid Shirt Casual Look♥

Plaid Shirt (Similar here!) | Black jeans (here!) | White Slip-on Sneakers (Similar here!) | Chanel Red Mini (Similar here!)

More choices of plaid shirt♥ 

Sorry loves, I have to say no video today!><" I didn't really have "edit mood" last week. I need a little break for myself. I have been staying at home and editing for a couple weeks, I decided to go out and have a walk with Tiki and my husband. I will be back next week and my videos will be back next Wednesday.=) Thank you for your understanding and support!!

Friday, 17 March 2017

What I got for Christmas 2016?♥

Hey loves, I know this unboxing video and blogpost are delayed by 3 months! And if you follow me on Instagram or read my blog or watch my videos, you may already know what is inside the Chanel box. I used this bag right after I got it, love it so so much!♥ As you know I posted 2 videos per week and I vlogged in Hong Kong, so I have so many hkvlogs before this unboxing video. And my last hkvlog is about the fact that I was going to get this bag, so that why this is scheduled and delayed by so much. I hope you don't mind and are still interested and will enjoy it! I'm so thankful that I was able to get my dream bag. I always wanted to have a classic piece- Chanel black caviar bag for my collection! And I found out that Chanel mini bag really suits my daily needs and black color is so classic and easy to match. In addition, the caviar leather is the most durable leather, I don't need to worry and baby it when I use it! Some of you asked me whether I prefer lambskin or caviar, I would say caviar!♥

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


H&M Pink Sweatshirt (here!) | Black Midi Skirt (Similar here!) | Asos Buckle Boots (here!) | Chanel Mini Bag (Similar here!) | Chanel Necklace (here!) | Chanel Earrings (Similar here!) | Lip Color No.31 (here!) | Crystal Horse Charm (here!
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Hey loves, I'm sorry to announce that there will be no hkvlog on my channel today but a Chanel unboxing video instead, probably you guys prefer this more than my vlog!XD I just don't have enough time to edit the hkvlog or I should say I want a little break for myself, don't want to rush myself and I would like to spend some time with Tiki and watch a movie with my husband. I have been editing videos and writing blogposts everyday until late at night if you watch my IG story, you may know. I hope you will enjoy to read this blogpost or previous ones or maybe some of my videos which you haven't watched yet. I received a lot of comments and likes on my birthday video!! Thank you so much! I read all of them and I feel a lot of people really understand and support me. I feel I'm not alone here!=) Thank you♥ I don't think I will be able to reply to all of them one by one which I feel bad about it but I will give a like and a heart on all of the comments that I read! Just want to let you know I read them all and love them so much!!♥♥♥ Please keep supporting me, your support is why I continue doing this. 

Monday, 13 March 2017


Hey loves, you probably already watched my video or read my blog about my birthday earlier. Here are some pictures of that day that I would like to put together at one place and share with you guys. I started the day preparing myself, making-up, dressing-up and curling my hair,  just wanted to be nice on my birthday. Then we went for my birthday lunch in a special restaurant in Montreux. After that, we went back to my parents-in-law home and celebrated my birthday! They prepared so much for my birthday, cake, champagne, firework candle and surprising gifts from Chanel! And I received over an hundred of love messages and comments on everywhere which made me feel so much loved and cared. That was my 29th birthday in Switzerland. It was a special and touching one. Thank you so much to all of you♥

Sunday, 12 March 2017

What I got for birthday? + Chat With You♥

Hey loves, I had a special and touching birthday last Sunday! I felt full of love that day. If you want to know why and what did I do on my birthday, you can watch the video! And I will post some pics on the next blogpost about what did I do on my birthday. Stay tuned!
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