Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A day with my friend (OOTD+Food+Haul)♥我和朋友的一天

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Angel Easy Cook: Thai Spicy Basil beef +OOTD♥泰式牛肉

Thai Spicy Basil Beef
Ingredients: 4 serving
300g Beefs
Thai Basil Leaves
Red & Yellow Peppers
6-7 pieces of garlic
2-3 chilies *depend on how spicy you want
2 tablespoon Osyter sauce
2 tablespoon Fish sauce
2 tablespoon Soy sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
** This is my way to cook, it may different than the original Thai cooking! Hope you don't mind!**
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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

TAG: Summer lovin' tag♥夏日最愛

Q.1 Summer lipstick you're loving---------------------------A.1 YSL lipstick no.52 & lipgloss no.202
Q.2 Summer nail polish you're loving-----------------------A.2 Covergirl Pure White 10
Q.3 Bikini you're loving this summer------------------------A.3 The one I wore in my vlog!
Q.4 Favourite Frappuccino from Starbucks-----------------A.4 Banana Raspberries 
Q.5 Favourite Bronzer and blush------------------------------A.5 Chanel
Q.6 Favourite Summer songs-----------------------------------A.6 No, I don't know
Q.7 Favourite Summer accessory------------------------------A.7 Silk Scarf
Q.8 Favourite Summer fragrance/ perfume-------------------A.8 Marc Jacobs Daisy
Q.9 Favourite Movie change to Favourite Magazine-------A.9 Vivi japanese magazine
Q.10 What you most excited to do this summer (Oh...I missed this question in the video!!!) The answer is go to the beach/lake, have a sunbath, go to the water and picnic! 
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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Online Shopping Part3: Astrid&Miyu♥+OOTD 網上購物分享3

Hello Sunday =D
Sorry it is a haul post and video again! If you're not interested, you can go to watch my other videos=)
This is a really small haul, I got something from Astrid & Miyu! I found this jewelry online shop on Instagram and I just fell in love with their evil eye collection! So, I placed my order but unfortunately I needed to pay a huge custom fee=( Anyway, back to the topic, I love everything that I received! Love the packaging, the material of the white dust bag is the same as Chanel classic flap bag's dust bag! And the tissue paper remind me the Chanel one too=) The jewelries are good quality, they are 14 gold-plated brass, is more durable! I also got a pair of sunglasses as a free gift=D Thank you! 
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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

VLOG: Swiss National Day: Lake, Challenge, Fireworks & OOTN + What's in my beach bag?♥ 瑞士國慶日

Hello Wednesday=D
As you can see the title, this vlog is filmed on Swiss National Day, it was 1st August, Friday! We went to France to relax a bit, then we watched fireworks at night! In this vlog, you will see Tiki bb swum, what's in my beach bag, what's in my makeup bag, little challenge, fireworks, outfit of the night & more! So what are you waiting for? Watch the vlog now, and give a thumb up if you like the vlog=) Thank you so much! New videos every Wednesday & Sunday! Subscribe my channel to support me! 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Online Shopping Part2: Zara SALE♥ 網上購物分享2

**Zara SALE**
This is my very first time online shopping on Zara app! I love this app, it's user friendly & you can choose to post your order at home or you pick up in the store! And, mainly, items are on sale now! The prices are just crazily compared to the original prices, especially for the shoes! So, I ordered 3 shoes and 1 top! But one thing I have to say is that they use way too much boxes for the packaging which is not environmentally optimal! They should add an option which allows customers to choose whether they need a box or not for the shoes! Just go to watch my video now, you will understand much better why I say that=) Remember Subscribe my channel & thumb up the video if you enjoyed, it would mean a lots to me, Thank you so much!