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Thursday, 13 October 2016

My First Hermes Unboxing & VLOG♥

My first Hermes bag unboxing!!! I was so excited to get this bag in the Hermes store! I didn't expect and plan to get this bag that suddenly. I didn't want to go to Hermes store to have a look because my dream bag is Birkin, but I'm not ready to spend that much money for a handbag. So I don't like to go in just for window shopping, if I see the Birkin bag that I want and cannot buy yet, I will feel bad, so better not go in at all. I also like the Garden Party bag but I feel like it's hard to see one in store as they don't display many bags in the Hermes store. I feel like they hide their bags. And honestly I feel pressure to shop in Hermes or I don't know how to shop in Hermes. In other brand shops, I don't feel this way, maybe I just rarely go in or I'm not used to. So why did I go to the Hermes store? Because my sister and her boyfriend came to Switzerland, and her boyfriend needed to help his sister find a bag in Hermes. Then I had a chance to go in the Hermes store and asked. I really didn't plan to, but at that moment, I asked"Do you have any Garden Party?" =.=|| Then she said yes, please come in and she brought out a size 36 Black Garden Party limited edition.   ↓ ↓

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