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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Nature Republic Original Power Wrinkle Eye Cream-♥

▶ Volume : 30ml

▶ Ingredients
: Cacao extract, broccoli extract, wild berry extract, carrot extract, cabbage leaf extract, cucumber extract, tomato extract, and Japanese pepper fruit extract. 

▶ Product Description
: Wrinkle eye cream that takes care of wrinkles of eyes.
: Greenish yellow vegetable ingredients help to keep healthy eyes.
: Adheres to wrinkled eyes thick.
: Helps to create protection film to have resilient eyes.
: 6 Free natural prescription for sensitive eyes (Paraben-free, artificial colors-free, benzophenone-free, mineral oil-free, T.E.A-free, and ethanol-free.)

▶ How to Use
: Before your cream, apply moderate amount on eyes and tap lightly for absorption.
: For more effect, apply eye cream after massaging eyes lightly with acupressure stick exclusive for eyes.
I just used this eye cream few times only, of course I cannot say "it does work or I have less wrinkle on my eye area now, etc." What I can say for this eye cream is that the texture looks like butter, unlike other eye creams which are creamy. This cream smells nice and the ingredients are all natural. It is good for sensitive eyes, because some eye creams are too oily for eye area, which results into fat granules growing. This is the most important thing I consider for eye cream. Also, you can use the provided stick to gently massage your eye area which is quite comfortable.
The eye cream is directly shipped from Korea and there are some little gifts inside the package.
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Thank you to Vicky- for the good communication and service via e-mail.
*This is a sponsored post.



  1. I really like that it has a stick to apply it..
    Don't forget to join my sunglasses giveaway.
    Keep in touch,

  2. Hiiiiiii of course i'm following you back <3
    I was looking for a good eye cream for soooooo long i think i will try this one *.* just one question is it good for young skin or it's a powerful anti wrinkle for more mature skin ? thank you <3 kisses Mary

  3. Keep in mind that on average an individual blinks ten thousand times daily, while our eyes are in constant use, it is only normal that we will develop wrinkling around the eye area. How to get rid of bags under eyes


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